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Be the best you can be - get Lean Six Sigma Certified [More>>]

Stay up-to-date with the tools that deliver improved performance. Lean Six Sigma has a track record of performance improvement and you can use these tools to streamline the business processes. TeamSigma training is part of One World Learning Ltd, an Endorsed Education Provider by the International Institute of Business Analysis. With certification by TeamSigma, you demonstrate your knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and business process improvement. Start now, take the FREE lean six sigma White Belt training course.

Mobilize your team with Lean Six Sigma Software [More>>]

Lean Six Sigma software from TeamSigma is designed to guide your team through the 5 steps of DMAIC. Reduce risks to your project success, use Lean Six Sigma software from TeamSigma to focus your team on finding the best solutions. Lean six sigma software from TeamSigma makes sure you are concentrating on those areas of the business that deliver the most for you. Get more information on lean six sigma software.

Drive performance - with Kaizen Events. [More>>]

Lean six sigma Kaizen Events improve performance in the office, on the factory floor, in logistics and more recently in healthcare. When you set up lean six sigma Kaizen Event workshops, you focus the team on removing waste in the business. Take control of the business process and improve customer service, product quality and your ability to deliver on time. Book your Kaizen Event workshop facilitator.

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